Music for Minors Foundation, Inc.

Kevin and Jennifer Barry, Founders of the Bonita Blues Charitable Foundation, presenting this year's Music For Minors donation to Don Rhynard, President, Kim Raiser, Secretary, and Janie Spangler, Director!
Music For Minors Foundation would like to recognize everyone who has contributed to our cause over the past two decades.  We truly appreciate every donation and we would not be able to help our students without their generosity and support!
MAESTROS ($50,000 and above):
The Bonita Blues Charitable Foundation, Kevin Barry, President
Doris and Dick Mascott

VIRTUOSOS ($10,000 to $49,999):
The Grunewald Family Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Grunewald and Sarah Fowler)
The Jacob Tinkoff Day of Remembrance (Cassidy Jacobs, Quinn Cavanaugh, Kaita Tinkoff, and Gartner)
Glenn Marek

ARTISTES ($5,000 TO $9,999):
The Stardust Memories Big Band
Mark Mitchell
The South Florida Blues Society

PATRONS ($1,000 TO $4,999):
The American House, Bonita Springs (Judy Lester)
Gail and Tom Beamer
The Bonita Village String Band
Sally and Peter Burgess
Pio Cabada and Mark Bleier
Cool Cruisers of SWFL
The Estero Newcomers Club
Dorothy and Arnold Friedenreich
The Gatewood Foundation
Joyce and Scott Jones
Dr. Rebecca Kimberly
The Naples Jazz Society (Mark Gerber)
Alexis Tsaggaris
R.J. and Renata Vigoda
GASC Hafenkapelle German Band of Cape Coral, FL

PERFORMERS (Up to $999)
Marion and Tony Alvarez
Kathy Anerson
Jan and Edgar Bachrach
Alan Biles
Debra and John Bowenkamp
Dale Brown and James Kailor
George Bowman
Cora Sue and Robert Buonamici
Carol and David Burdess
Izzy and Fred Burgess
Keith Burton
Christine and Alan Bush
Elsa and James Cattano
Nancy and Rick Check
Ruth and Craig Christman
Joseph Cranwell, Jr.
Piper and John Crawford
Victoria and Kenneth Curry
Pauline Dalton
Susan and Peter Dawson
Thomas DeBendictus
Tobi Weinstein and John Dick
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D'orsay
Barb Dupont
Hans Eckey
Ann and Patrick Farace
Robert Fischer
Don Froelich
Micki and Michael Gillespie
Cary and David Goodman
Julie Grubb
Dee and Paul Hamm
Barbara Hanke
Rae Ann and John Hanley
Cheryl Hedrick and Amy Lesen
Cora Houchens-Nichols
Angie and Bob Huderfund
Ruth Hohnson
Patti Jones
Wilma and Max Jones
Gregory Kompes and Todd Isbell
Danielle Korson
Stefan Krchniak
Edee Kurze
Beverly LaLonde
Barbara and David Linville
Sherry and John Machado
Annika and Mark Matos
Mary Ellen McArdle
Joan Maywood
Gary McKinney
R.W. and E.J. McMichael
Susan and Dale Miller
Denise and Harry Miller
Ashley and Justin Miller
JoAnn and Jim Morrison
Steven Mutart
Alan Novick
Kevin Novreski
Kristine Ochu
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oddo
Catherine Ogden
Cathy and Kenneth O'Leary
Particia Pollata
Laura Peasler
Liz Peel
Lloyd Pikula
Marcy Plant
The Pray Attention Ministries
Ellen Redman and David Clopp
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Reff
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson
Susan Lockwood Roberts
Louis Schindler
Kris Shambeau
Ryan Sherman
Sheila Smith, Jr. 
Pat and John Sutter
Jenny and Kermit Sutton
The SWFL Blues Society
Sadonna Swann
Celene Thompson
Barbara Thornber
Sherry Turnpaugh
Mary Beth and Tim Unger
Rebecca Vallery
Deborah and Hank Wadley
John Walsh 
Jerry Wehr
Judy Wertz
Gary West 
John White
Dorothy Wiegenstein
Shelley Williams
Yvette Wilson
The Northside Naples Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Vive Le Rock Productions
Moonlight Matinee Entertainment (Frankie Moreno)

Music For Minors Foundation would also like to thank everyone who has donated instruments and other equipment that we have then been able to donate to our students and other non-profit groups in our communities!
We would like to thank Mr. John J. Davis CPA at Davis & Associates for taking care of all of our bookkeeping needs for us!  Visit their website at
MFM Vice President, Dr. Becky Kimberly (L), and MFM President Don Rhynard (R), receiving a check from Mr. John Schuler and the Bonita Village String Band!